Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4, 2009

TONS of dreams last night. I mean really...damn.

A friend, Arielle, was in one last night, ha ha. It was about me not being able to sleep, I was so afraid that I would disturb others by snoring or something that I just couldn't let myself. I kept trying to go places where no one was, but that seemed impossible.

I also had one a weird one, one that I remember bits of...a guy named Benjamin (Ben.) I knew him in the dream for a few years, there was something that he did or something that he was getting into trouble for. I was trying to explain the situation to people. Explain why he did what he did. At some point I left the class (yes, it was in a classroom-like yet work-like atmosphere) and ended up at a beach of some sort. I was trying to do something, get something, something that would help?? I just dropped into the dirt out of exhaustion from trying though. A woman (someone from work training?) was trying to help me up, I said I had to finish.

There was another one involving hiding from something or someone. Me and two other girls. There was something evil/bad/scary in this deserted lot. I had opened a door and pulled on this rope to see if someone was in the darkness. Someone was. It was a female I think. I shut the door as soon as I realized she/it was in there, and discovered that there was a lock at the bottom of the door. I locked her/it in. Me and the other girls ran.

Another one...I was in my parents' house. My Dad and my sister were in my dream but my Mom was nowhere to be seen. I was in the bathroom and I looked in the mirror and there were plant leaves that were growing in my mouth...they were planted at the roof of my mouth. It surprised me how many were in there and that I was even able to breathe. I kept pulling at the stems, trying to make sure I got them by the roots. There were so many leaves. One said "I love you Grandma" on it. I kept thinking I had them all, left the bathroom, had contact with my sister or my Dad and then just ended up realizing there were more. At one point my sister had posted a note in the breakfast room...a large note that was more like a banner. She had just seen the movie Carrie and was asking about the character's red hair (which actually isn't the case in the movie but in the dream it was.) She was asking how the director must have felt using someone with red hair when Carrie didn't really have red hair. I explained that the movie was a work of fiction and that Carrie's character wasn't based on anyone real. My Dad disagreed and said that it was based on someone in real life. He said a name but I don't remember it. I said that I would look it up online but that I disagreed. I went back to the bathroom and realized there were a few more stems of leaves to be pulled. My Dad was walking down the hallway so I thought I should show him, I tried to get him to come in but he was headed towards my room, telling me he needed to do something real quick first. I remembered in the dream that the plants probably came from this store I went to with an old co-worker from Memphis.

Another one. It kept jumping from a movie to reality. It took place in the 70s I think. There was a poor African-American family trying to afford a place to live. A father and his 2 sons. The apartment they wanted was small, very small, but cost so much for them. There was a list of other people trying to afford these properties...all small, all inexpensive to some but sooo much to them. I remember looking at the credits, trying to figure something out...

Last one I remember. I was at my office in Boston, although someone from my office in Memphis was there, Kathy. (Kathy was VERY intimidating to me for several reasons in Memphis...not sure if calling her a bully is fair to her.) Anyway, so I had a dream that I was supposed to take care of something, but I didn't know I was supposed to. My boss said that Kathy had told me how to do it and that I needed to do it. I explained that Kathy had not told me anything and that if she had I would have done it. I grabbed the work and stormed off to my cubicle and got it done, Kathy just looked like she was having fun watching me.