Sunday, June 28, 2009

6/28/2009 (Nap Dreams)

I always seem to dream when I nap...I had a few today, so here goes:

I was trying to cross this busy street. There were cars coming by but when an opening became available, I started to cross and made it to the other side. As soon as I made it to the other side, I noticed another person, just walking out into the road. One time they had a kid with them and just expected the cars to slam on their brakes. It was as if they (not sure whether it was male or female) just wanted to almost cause an accident. Then for some odd reason I was crossing the same street again, not to the side I began on though...I was already back there. I crossed and the same person went out into the middle of the street with a large amount of what looked like surfboards. They took one of the surfboards out and was holding it kind of like a barrier to their body expect it was horizontal, not vertical. A car came and when the car tried to swerve to miss the person, the person moved too (angrily)...which led to the surfboard hitting the front on the car. It was if it was the person's intention.

Another I was making a cake. A wedding cake for my sister. I don't bake often and I have never attempted to make a cake so that is just weird. Anyway, there was someone with me. I knew them to be a good friend but they are not any of the friends I have past or present. Anyway, there was something about putting blueberries into the cake...not sure why. The cake itself was 3 tiers of chocolate cake.

I was sitting at my Mom's on the couch. There was a younger boy sitting on one end, my Mom sitting on the other end, and me in the middle. There was this other boy who I felt uneasy about, distaste for, etc who wanted to sit too. He seemed full of anger. He ended up just standing and screaming at something on the TV (a video game maybe?) I didn't feel well, I felt horrible actually. I looked down and my sister's dog, Angel, was looking up at me and started nudging me with her nose...then place her nose on my neck. She was much younger in the dream than she is in real life. I told my Mom I wasn't feeling well, and that I might have a fever. She asked if I wanted her to get the germless thermometer. I said yes and looked at Angel more. My Mom also made a comment on Angel's affection.

Another dream taking place at my Mom's house. This time I was telling her that I had a dream that my sister was getting married or something. My Mom said she wasn't getting married. I said that the dream seemed real. My Mom explained that while my sister wasn't getting married, she was changing her name somehow.

I think that is it...I slept for an hour and got 4 dreams. Weird.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Re-Occurring Location

So lately I seem to be having dreams where part of them take place in a toy store. I always go in with a specific need, or desire I guess since most people don't NEED toys, but I end up getting distracted or side-tracked by other toys, other knick-knacks. Lately the toy store has been the exact same, with the same mission ending up not being accomplished.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nightmare 06/10/09

Damn Prazosin didn't keep this one away...

I was in my room. I know it was my room but it looked nothing like a room I had before, it looked more institutionalized. There was a long rectangular mirror to my right, set up landscape style. There was another girl with me. I knew something was wrong. I kept asking her if this was real, if she was real. She said yes, she is real. I asked if I could kiss her. We kissed, but as I glanced over at the mirror, there was no girl, but there was blood everywhere, splattered about. It was splattered on me as well. I appeared to be wearing a white gown (kind of hospital-looking.) I looked at the floor, trying to figure out what I did. I saw a puddle of blood seeping into my room from another room. In the dream, I knew the room to be my Mother's.

I woke up and that is all I remember from it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The other night I had a dream about needing to buy towels and pillows (maybe my mind was holding onto the hope of moving in with a friend sometime.) I remember I was buying green towels and I was looking for brown toss pillows...just as I had found the pillows though, someone or something interrupted me. The dream ended there.

I know, not my best, but hey, at least it is SOMETHING