Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bullies and Dolphins

So last night I dreamt that I was hiding in my closet from a bully. I could see him through a small hole in the door. I was also a boy apparently. He was trying to get me to come out of the closet but I knew that there would be repricussions for doing so. Then all of a sudden he had to leave and go home and invited me to join him the next day in his backyard. I did that and he made fun of the fact that I was afraid of the wasps around. I kept having to run from the wasps.

I was suddenly in my Mom's backyard. I wqas looking around at things, realizing I shouldn't have been afraid when a dolphin came up the driveway. It was obviously in need of water. I mentioned getting the hose but my Mom said it would need salt water and that she would go gather supplies and would be right back. As I was wetting the dolphin with fresh water, waiting for my Mom to return, a cat came up to the dolphin and licked it, giving it a bath. The dolphin then licked the cat back. Then my alarm woke me up so who knows what would have happened with the dolphin.