Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nightmare 06/10/09

Damn Prazosin didn't keep this one away...

I was in my room. I know it was my room but it looked nothing like a room I had before, it looked more institutionalized. There was a long rectangular mirror to my right, set up landscape style. There was another girl with me. I knew something was wrong. I kept asking her if this was real, if she was real. She said yes, she is real. I asked if I could kiss her. We kissed, but as I glanced over at the mirror, there was no girl, but there was blood everywhere, splattered about. It was splattered on me as well. I appeared to be wearing a white gown (kind of hospital-looking.) I looked at the floor, trying to figure out what I did. I saw a puddle of blood seeping into my room from another room. In the dream, I knew the room to be my Mother's.

I woke up and that is all I remember from it.

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