Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lack of Sleep + Outside Influences = Weirdness

Well last night's dreams sure were interesting!

I can piece together some of the outside influences though, which is actually rare for me. Since I didn't have time to write everything down when I first woke up, there are some details that I have forgotten. I am also not sure about the timing of the dreams, things seemed to jump all over the place.

One dream had something horrible happen on a Monday night. Things only got worse on Tuesday and by Wednesday I was having frequent panic attacks and was pretty much useless. Part of this dream took place at work. One of the bad things that had happened was that I had my accounts hacked and had all sorts of compromised information. (This is related to a friend whose email was hacked.) In the dream, my bosses and co-workers were in general very understanding. They started to get a little annoyed with my anxiety over things though.

At some point I had escaped the building to go eat thinking it was lunch time when it was actually three hours earlier than I thought. My clocks were all wrong. My watch showed a different time than my computer and so on. A co-worker purposefully set a clock ahead and tried to make me think I was late to my therapy appointment.

The work dream seemed to last forever and had all sorts of mini-stories included.

One mini-story was that a friend's picture had been taken on her in her bra and underwear and sent throughout the office and possibly farther.

Another was that there was some poisonous foods in a museum/shopping center that were causing people to fall into a sleep of sorts as if they were gassed. Me and a guy (not sure who he was...not from anyone I know) were trying to track down the guy responsible. This was influenced by an episode of NCIS I had watched before going to bed in which a gas was emitted into a school and made everyone sleep. He he, one of the guilty foods was this weird long meaty item and when we asked the chef, it was a Sumo wrestler's penis, ha ha ha ha!

At some point I was in an elevator trying to escape something and the elevator was going all over the place and eventually came detached from the building completely, sliding across the parking lot.

The unconsciousness reappeared again in the office setting. People on one half of the floor were dropping and I was trying to get some help to carry them.

Another dream had me and yet another co-worker in a park of some sort. I was enjoying the beautiful day and beautiful scenery and then I noticed a gorgeous exotic looking bird. The bird was blue with yellow, orange and green. The bird flew down to me and at some point switched from this bird into an owl. The owl started talking to me and followed me over to where my co-worker was standing.

That is all I remember. Strange.

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