Friday, October 8, 2010

More Weirdness

Last night I had some rather strange dreams again. It seems that most of my recent dreams include apartment scenes from various apartment or housing situations. Last night is an example of such.

One dream was about my new apartment in which it had been broken into and various things had been stolen. First my DVDs were stolen and then on a second occasion, my television and computer were stolen. The odd thing about the items getting stolen is that the burglar left my Blackberry and replaced the television with a very old model and also left a lamp behind.

I called the police in the dream but after 4 hours they still had not showed up. Various people were in my apartment though and I was trying to discover how the buglar got inside my apartment because there was no signs of how they broke in. I ended up discovering it was through a window in which the pane had been loose.

There wasn't really an ending to this dream.

A second dream was in yet another apartment. I was with a few other people in an apartment. They were scared because they saw a rat and were afraid that it would bite their small child. The rat was hiding inside a rolled up rug and I helped to get him out. The people were alarmed when I picked up the rat and showed that it had no interest in biting me, but actually was kind of affectionate. I think that this dream was influenced by the mouse that frequents my office. I am attempting to catch him using a Havahart trap and am hoping to keep him as a pet. My office however, has set several traps to kill it including those super inhumane sticky paper traps as well as the traditional mouse trap with fake cheese.

A third dream involved drinking in the Boston area, friends, some odd holiday, and modes of transportation. I was trying to get to various bars though I am not really sure why. Some friends who are not in the Boston area were in my dream and they resided in the Boston area in my dream. I kept missing buses and trains I was trying to ride in the dream as well. Oddness.

My fourth dream that I remember involved family. We were in some type of family situation and my Grandmother was in the dream. My Grandma has vascular dementia in real life and that was also present in the dream. At certain points I was trying to help her when she was unsure of her surroundings. At some point I was trying to help her take a shower. I dunno.

So yeah, lots of dreams last night even though some of the details are not there. What do you guys think?

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