Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24, 2009

Last night/this morning I had 2 dreams that I remember...one being much shorter than the other.

Dream 1
School? College. We were going to perform. It was a big deal. The president?? Something made me leave. I don’t remember what. Everyone was very angry that I left and disappeared for a little while and said I ruined it. When I got back they were taking pictures for a calendar. Karate positions? Candice was my friend apparently (I had looked at pictures of her on Facebook before I went to bed.) I missed the shooting. Zoom to me and Candice at the Mall. We were looking at calendars. There was one that features pictures from our college and we thought maybe it was ours (somehow I was going to be in it.) We both bought one. We passed a card shop and one of the security people from the performance stopped us. He wanted to talk about the performance and I sort of snapped at him saying I have heard from so many people that it is my fault and that I am sorry. He said not to worry, that the President had a meeting anyway so it wasn’t going to happen and that everyone who was there knew that. I said that I was being beaten up for disappearing, that no one told me that it was cancelled anyway. Candice and I were going to be late. We decided to go ahead and look at the calendar so we stood in a restaurant area (we were in the way) and opened it up and looked at the pictures. It was a different calendar, one showing pictures of the campus. The pictures weren’t really that great. It made us worry about how our calendar was going to look.

I was just falling asleep and I could hear my Mom come in my apartment. She was trying to come over to me quietly but she kept stepping on the things in the floor on the way. I was trying to wake up to see what she wanted, I was moving in slow motion, unable to really move.

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