Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29th, 2009

I am not sure when one dream ends and the next begins to be honest, so yeah...this might be hard to follow. It might also be gruesome to some...

I remember I was in an office building or something. Someone who I was related to was living in the officer building (where there were therapists and such) but didn't tell anyone he was living there. He also was seeing a therapist. Some other guy was showing me around and telling me to not snoop.

Somehow my legs were messed up. I don't remember but I think I had fallen. I had deep wounds but didn't go to the doctor about them. They kept bleeding. Globs came out of one of the wounds. My mom sewed my toe up (stitches) and told me I should have gone to the doctor and now it is my fault. Every time I would move more than a little the wounds would start bleeding again. One of the globs that came out of one of the wounds had a large blue striped stone in it.

I was a girl/woman (not myself) who was trying to piece things together about my childhood. I knew something happened because I wrote about it and found it, but I had no idea what it was. I kept having bad dreams. I was a little girl and had one, these 2 women laid down in bed with me. One of them went further.

The rest are very scattered pieces...

- a shower that had a mix of blood and urine, I was with friends (not sure it was me though) and they turned the shower on to wash things away from the shower.

- a woman was attacked

- I was with a group of rather wealthy people, we went to one bar where "everyone" went to, felt uncomfortable, something happened, ended up going to another bar that felt better.

- Something with 2 gay women. They were a couple. One of them was naked and showing me how much thinner she was than me.

Yeah....I know I am nuts.

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