Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's been a while. I have had some dreams but most of them are pretty self-explanatory so I don't post them. Others I forget to write down and then *poof* they are gone.

I had 3 dreams last night...not sure of the order.

Dream 1
Me and a friend were watching a special on TV about this guy who broke his pinky toes on both feet on purpose. He mainly sat but he would get up and walk around to see various people who had traveled to see him. He had some sort of religious aspect to his reasons of breaking his toes but I cannot remember...and to be honest, at one point it looked more like his toes were cut off and then sewn back on but I think primarily they were "broken" on purpose...

Anyway...I went to see him in whatever country he was in (Middle Eastern?) and I ended up deciding to have mine done as well. It ended up making my feet look extremely odd...and it was more like I had 6 toes with 2 broken and 4 that were spread out. I remember trying to walk, it did hurt, my toes hurt but at the same time they were numb. I was trying to show people that I could still hold my balance but I would kind of lose it at one point and I blamed it on my breasts making my weight uneven, ha ha.

Now I have to add that I am pretty sure I had this dream because I do have some sort of issue with my pinky toes...they are sort of numb and I don't know why...so apparently that was bothering me, ha ha.

Dream 2
A friend (that I am not really that close to) and I were staying at some weird old house. There was apparently rumors that it was haunted and the home owners and my friend believed that it was but I figured that while some places are truly haunted, the happenings at this place were just circumstancial and were not a "ghost" at all.

Dream 3
I just remembered this dream! Yay!
At one point it was kids sitting at a cafeteria table with lunch trays...some of the kids at this one table (the boys) were trying to see who could make the loudest noise by slamming their trays down on the table. One kid said that he could easily win...and for some odd reason everyone knew it was true...that this kid had some sort of ability or something. Anyway, he slams his tray down and it makes the loudest sound imaginable. The dream flashes to me and some weird house...the boom caused by the tray has let loose spiders and bugs...they are seeping out of a closet crawling towards me. I am not afraid of bugs or anything (except for wasps and hornets) but in the dream I apparently know that these will cause major damage. I start stepping on the spiders and bugs, trying to stop them. A guy is in the house with me and he is armed with a gun, he too is trying to stop the insects. At one point a LARGE stink bug is on the recliner. I warn him that it is a stink bug and that by hitting it he is going to cause a horrendous odor, but he hits it anyway and a repulsive smell emits.

That is all I remember folks...

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