Friday, February 20, 2009

Backtracking with Dreams (Dreams from 2/16/2009)

I know, strange dreams seem a bit normal for me, ha ha.


Dream 1
Last night/this morning I dreamed about an Uncle who had killed people in the past. It was so bizarre because it was apparently racial/ethnic related. Apparently he killed 3 people (2 were young children...babies? twins? I can't remember for sure.)

Anyway, I stumbled across this information in the dream as his murder weapon (an old gun...not a gun person so I am not much help a pieces...needed to be put together...brown?) showed up and needed to be taken care of. It was being given to a woman closely tied in with him. People were still afraid of him in the dream yet it had become a family secret. The family (I don't know who some of them were) seemed to be acting like nothing was wrong yet at the same time knew that there could be an issue if the Uncle had found the gun.

As I was diving into the History of what happened with the murders (I don't remember too much but I know Russia was mentioned, as in he was involved with them in committing the murders) I noticed that he seemed to be acting strangely...cold...distant. He left the house (by the way, this is my parents' house again) and I discovered that his gun had been left out. I took it to the blonde woman who was tied in with him. It had looked like it had been messed with since the last time I had seen it and I wondered if he had found it and was triggered by it.

Unfortunately that is all I remember...

I know...weird, insane...

I realize this might just be one that doesn't mean anything.

Dream 2
This dream was during a nap. It was very elaborate and LONG. Whenever I woke up from it, and fell back asleep I would be right there again. Some of the details might be fuzzy since I am just writing about this one for the first time today.

There was some elaborate plot afoot to assassinate someone. In the dream I was some girl, long hair, light brown/blondish. At any rate, me and a few other kids had stumbled on this plot to assassinate someone of great importance. The problem was, people knew we knew. I remember being in a building and having people (adults, officers, maybe agents) trying to protect us. We were trying to stop further murders from happening. At one point we seemed to be trapped in a building...there wasn't a way for me to leave, but the people who were there to protect us/me were also there. They were on the first floor. One was supposed to be obvious, the other undercover. I was in an elevator for most of, one guy somehow got to me, I remember him attacking me, and me stabbing him in the eye with a pencil. I remember having a hard time being able to do that.

At one point former President Bill Clinton was there. He looked younger...not sure when this was all supposed to be taking place...the 70s??

The agent undercover was talking with him...apparently Clinton was part of the assissination plot, or at least knew details others didn't.

Later it was time for me to leave in otder to gain further information. I was following some high society woman. She had an agenda for sure. She had information from who her husband was but was more in charge of the plot than he was. She was trying to get away with things and felt that nothing could hurt her. Outside of the building, she knew I was following her. A threat was made by her and she felt untouchable. The details aren't there (can't remember) but she ended up seeing someone she cared a great deal about being shot. (Another high society woman.)

The dream jumps to me trying to make my way to her place early in the morning. I am following but no one sees. I end up making it to her place and am hiding in a closet. Her husband is telling her that maybe she has gone too far and should just stop with her plan. She refuses.

That is all I remember....

I know, *sigh* Insanity...ha ha.

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