Friday, February 20, 2009

Backtracking With Dreams (Old Dream from 2/10/2009)

I just thought I would post some dreams I had last night. They are very random and bizarre just to forewarn you! There were 3, and this is as much as I could remember.

Dream 1
I was in my parents’ house and both my Mom and My Dad were there. They were talking about something when I started hearing a creaking noise. I looked at the ceiling to see a huge split appearing and getting longer and longer. All of a sudden, the ceiling collapsed. I was worried about my cat (who was a kitten in this) getting hurt and I wanted to find her but my Mom insisted she was fine and probably in a safe spot. I remember having Phoebe again at some point and looking at the fallen ceiling from the attic.

Dream 2
My Mom and I were at some kind of theater to watch a special show. At some point the theater ended up changing to a room with me and my Mom and other people as well. We were watching a video of something. Then it was time for people to go and I remember leaving and walking down the hall of the place, which was now a hospital. I saw a guy who I was afraid of and knew would hurt us and I ran back to the room, grabbed my Mom (who was no longer my Mom…I have no idea who this woman was) and tried to hide so that the man couldn’t find us. I had my back to the closed door (and I was male at this point?) and hands reached through the door and went through me…grabbing a child that was inside.

Dream 3
At my parents’ house again. This is kind of a reoccurring thing, although this time it picked up from the last time I dreamed it. (And no, unfortunately I don’t remember the dream, it just feels like I have had it…which may or may not be the case at all.) Anyway, I come in the door with my Mom, my Dad is standing in the kitchen and my Mom tells him that the gold is real, and that I am sure there is more. I start heading to their bedroom and find this secret storage place under their carpet (their bedroom looks like it did before they remodeled it a few years ago…not sure if that is important.) The storage area is all wood and there is a case where the first collection of gold coins came from. I look for something underneath it and I don’t see anything but I KNOW there are silver coins as well. I look further in and I see something to the side, a little chest. I open it to see various papers on me, and what looks like a black bracelet of sorts. My Mom says, “No, no, your Dad and I have put thing in the side areas, but the bottom is where things were already.” So then it comes to me that I should be looking for a toad. So I look around for a toad and I see a wind-up toad under their dresser and grab it. I shake the toad and I hear the coins inside. I use a screw driver to open the head of the toy, but it is empty…I still hear the coins though. My Mom and I realize that the coins are in the feet of the toy and we then open that part and find 3 or 4 silver coins (although they are not really round.) It skips to a little later and My Mom and I are being interviewed. The interviewer is surprised to learn that we are not the only family that have lived in the house, that there were 3 families before us.

That is all I remember…

I know, I am kind of odd, ha ha.

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