Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 24th, 2009

I am afraid this newest entry won't be as detailed or strange as the others have been. But hey, at least it is an update. For a few days I either had such bizarre dreams that I couldn't even begin to write about them or my sleep was so disrupted that I couldn't remember them at all if I had any.

Anyway, to the point at hand...

Last night I had a dream that was work-related.

I remember being in a classroom-like setting with "co-workers." I put that in quotes because my ex-boyfriend from Middle School was sitting in front of me! I haven't seen or heard from him since 8th grade (thankfully.) Anyway, the other people in the classroom I didn't really see, other than the "teacher" who was my supervisor.

I was trying to prove that I knew my job and that I was doing it correctly. I was spouting off this number that means something to my job but I am not going to bore you with all of that. Anyway, my supervisor kept insisting I was getting it wrong, and I kept insisting I was right, my ex-boyfriend looking back at me laughing. Then to my horror I realized I WAS wrong, I had inverted 2 of the numbers! I admitted my mistake, and was so terribly embarrassed. The "class" was laughing at me and I woke up.

I know, not quite as interesting as the others I have posted but oh well, I dream what I dream, ha ha.

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  1. Just stumbling by.. hehe. nice blog. Hope u get another wonderful dream once more! lolz